• Work Resume

    Work Experience-Sculpture/Metal Fabrication

    Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, CA                          Feb. 2015 to Dec. 2016

    Sculpture Technician:

    Responsibilities: Fabrication of bronze sculptures.

    Tools: TIG welder, electric and pneumatic hand tools

    Materials: Silicon bronze, steel, stainless steel

    One Off Furniture, San Francisco, CA                 Nov. 10, 2012 through Jan. 2015 

    Custom Fabricator:

    Responsibilities: Construction of various unique designs.

    Tools: TIG and MIG welders, electric power tools, chop saw, pneumatic tools, patina tools

    Materials: Mild Steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass

    Fine Art Museums of San Francisco                  October, through Nov. 8, 2011

    Temporary Mountmaker/Preparator:

    Responsibilities: Preparation, installation and de-installation, for De Young and Legion of Honor art museums.

    Tools: Electric power tools, drop saw, hand tools, soldering tools, hydraulic lift

    Materials: Steel, brass, wood, paint, fabric

    Local Group Studios, Oakland, CA                      Opened June 2012

    Owner, Sculptor

    My studio, where I sculpt in various media for fine art bronze and sculpture.

    Tools: Electric power tools, CAD program Solidworks, Sketch Up, 123D, 3D printer, wax tools, hand tools

    Materials: Plaster, wax, metal, plastic, paint, wood

    Performance Structures, Inc., Oakland, CA        Oct. 2008-May. 2011

    Metal Finishing Technician:

    Responsibilities:  Finishing and polishing fine stainless steel sculpture by Anish Kapoor, small to monumental works.

    Tools:  Electric and pneumatic power tools, custom machinery and robots, TIG welder, metal fabrication equipment

    Materials:  316 stainless plate 

    Lightspann Illumination Design, Oakland CA     Sept. 2006-Aug. 2008

    Lighting Technician:

    Responsibilities:  Fabrication and finishing of fine art lighting.  Included interpreting CAD drawings, cold working glass, electrical wiring, faux finishing.

    Tools: MIG, TIG welders, plasma cutter, oxy-acetylene welder, electric metalworking tools, glass finishing tools

    Materials: Brass, glass, steel, mechanical parts, wiring and lamping parts, metal finishing supplies, paints, patinas


    Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA                2006

    Temporary Preparator/Mountmaker:

    Responsibilities:  Created earthquake-proof mounts for art exhibits.  Assisted in exhibition painting, object installation.

    Tools:  MIG welder, oxy-acetylene and propane torches, electric power tools

    Materials: Steel and other metals, acrylic, MDF, foam, paints

    Dan Hemann Sculpture, Fort Bragg, CA              2005-2006

    Bronze Sculpture Finishing Technician:

    Responsibilities: Assembly and finishing of fine art bronze sculpture

    Tools:  TIG welder, pneumatic finishing tools, electric grinders, etc.

    Materials:  Cast bronze              

    Morrisonn Studios/Neidhart, Fort Bragg CA         2001-2003

    Metal Fabricator:                                           

    Responsibilities:  Fabrication of architectural features and lighting.  Included interpreting CAD layouts, metal fabrication, manual machining, soldering, patina.

    Tools:  Mill, Lathes, TIG welder, pneumatic finishing tools, electric power tools

    Materials: Brass, copper, aluminum, resins, patina solutions, wood, mold making materials

    Reification, San Francisco, CA                             2000

    Architectural Metal Fabricator:

    Responsibilities:  Fabrication of frames and other decorative architectural features, restoration. 

    Included layout, welding, finishing, and patination.

    Tools: TIG, MIG welders, electric metal finishing equipment

    Materials: Brass, steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, wood, acrylic, patina solutions, metal finishes


    Artworks Foundry, Berkeley CA                           1997-2000

    Metal Fabricator, Finisher, Patineur:

    Responsibilities: Finished bronze castings, miniature to half-life size. 

    Included mold making, waxwork, patina and furnace charging.

    Tools: Pneumatic metalworking tools, TIG welder, hydraulic jack, crane and rigging,

    plasma cutter, arc welder, electric grinders and metal working tools

    Materials: Bronze, mold making materials, wax, plaster, patina solutions


    Laney College, Oakland, CA

    Machine Technology  and Computer Design courses 2012

    College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, CA           2003-2005

    Major: General education, mathematics


    Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA                2000-2001

    Artist-in-Residence, Teaching Assistant

    Nine-month residency to learn traditional lost wax casting techniques, mold making, furnace building


    Wayne State University, Detroit                          1989-1991

    Major: Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design


    Tom Schomberg, Columns

    Foundry Sculpture

    I've been assembling, fabricating and doing surface finishing on sculpture for twenty years. I've had the chance to work for dozens of sculptors, many who are shown in the above photos, most of which were taken at Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, Ca.

    Metal Fabrication

    I've worked for a handful of fabrication studios in the Bay Area, for various artists and designers, for more than ten years.

    Anish Kapoor, C Curve

    Surface Treatment

    Over the years, I've specialized in types of surface treatments, such as polishing and patina.