• Artist Statement

    What I am curious about, the natural world, art history, metal working, predictive fiction, psychology, informs the visual language I use to communicate in my sculpture. I try to create forms that reveal an investigation into where these subjects overlap, in conflict or in concert. 

    I admire the work of the Surrealists, who created a visual language for the unconscious, to give form to unruly existential considerations. Sometimes I borrow from early cultures to find roots of mythological symbols, including archetypes and augury.  

    Clay, wax and metal are used in my sculpture to build a texture and form language that captures the qualities of many other materials, captures the affects of time, captures organic, fleshy forms, as well as the beauty of decay.

    As a sculptor, I am hands-on, I draw, sculpt, mold, manipulate and fabricate each piece. Casting is done commercially. 3D programs and 3D printing are also utilized where they are best applied.

    The artist in the studio

    The artist in the studio

    Shows and Exhibitions


    1989-90    Metalsmithing Program Annual Student Exhibit, Wayne State University, Detroit      

    1992       University of Arkansas Ozark Women’s Conference, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    1993       Gallery 111 Self-Portrait Show, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    1994       Gallery 111 Fantasy/ Science Fiction Show, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    1994       Whimsicals Gallery Erotic Art Show, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    1995       Gallery 111 Annual Erotic Art Show

    1995       Vox Anima, Fayetteville, Arkansas

    1997       Art Works Foundry and Gallery Holiday Show, Berkeley, California

    1998       Art Works Foundry and Gallery Moonlight Pour and Employee Exhibition

    1998       Hayward Arts Council Artworks Group Show 

    1999       Artworks Foundry and Gallery Moonlight Pour and Employee Exhibition

    2000-1     Bleu Gallery, Mendocino, California

    2000-1     Articles Gallery, Mendocino, California

    2000       Mendocino Art Center Main Gallery Artist-in-Residence Exhibition

    2002       Theatre Artaud, San Francisco, an exhibit on the theme of “Metamorphosis”
               Based on Inkboat butoh dance group’s performance by same name

    2002       Bleu Gallery, Mendocino, Women’s Art Exhibition

    2003       Varnish Fine Art Grand Opening Exhibit, San Francisco, California

    2003-4    Varnish Fine Art, San Francisco, California, ongoing

    2004      Halloween Show, Dark & Light Gallery, Fort Bragg, CA

    2005      Solo Mendo Bistro restaurant exhibit, six months, Fort Bragg, CA

    2005      Perfume Mendo, solo show, three months, Mendocino, CA

    2005      Green Door Gallery featured artist, Fort Bragg, CA

    2006-7   Varnish Art Gallery, ongoing through 2007, San Francisco, CA

    2008     Created www.cbrownsculpture.com

    2015     San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, 2015 Sculpture Slam 1st Place

    2016     Artworks Foundry Moonlight Pour and Employee Exhibition

    2017     "And If Our Days Don't Last" curated by Jon Jaylo Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA