Sculpture Coming Soon


This sculpture, finished to the point of wax only, is in process.  Changes are certain to be made but the core of the work will remain, I hope, to capture a time in history when the Emperor has fallen from his horse. The steed's mouth falls open, in shock but not in dismay, at no longer having to participate in the hierarchy of war and institutional violence. As a sculptor fascinated with the history of sculptural art, I find the destruction of monuments to tyrants one of the most exciting default art movements I've ever heard of. I want to see the mounts of emperors, bare backed, rearing up, covered in flowers, eyes wild, to meet the future. 

"Self Portrait"

"Self Portrait II"

This Self Portrait, third in the series of slug portrait sculptures, is shown in the above photo gallery in process.  The wax, ceramic shell and freshly cast metal images are followed by pictures of the mechanism that sits inside that drives the bronze eye stalks up and down. A crank handle sticks out the side of its body, which is held and turned to operate the mechanism. 


"Self Preservation"

Self Preservation is a bronze sculpture in process currently that uses a 1922 Underwood portable typewriter together with eight bronze tentacles. Once I saw video of octopi walking on two legs, I knew I had to produce a sculpture that borrowed from the amusing, amazing motion of a cephalopod strolling on the ocean floor.  Also I wanted to use this motion to communicate egress, the feeling that says, "I'm outta here", or moving on to something better.