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The force of Earthquake can be a seismic event felt by all, or a microcosmic, personal event, felt only by an individual.  Its force rends all apart as it makes way for growth and change, and is unstoppable.


Temples of New Plastic

New Plastic refers to a substance engineered by a future mankind, that springs out of the earth like fungus, to create dwellings several stories in height.  People live in them, then the building dies slowly, over many years, like a tree.  As they age they turn colors or get pale, to indicate they are no longer safe to occupy.  These dwellings grow out of the ground, therefore they have an aspect of egalitarian use.  Perhaps there will be a time when houses rise up out of the ground in plenty, then sink back into it after decades of use, nurturing the soil as it dies, the kind of housing that everyone could afford.

"Science and technology revolutionizes our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response."
                                         Arthur M. Schlesinger

Earthquake I
Bronze & steel,  9" x 4"

Bronze, 8" x 4"

Bronze, steel, 10" x 4"

Bronze, 9" x 4"


                   EQ V

Three Earthquakes on display