Visual Resume

Please Note:  I have been employed in a variety of fields, so to create a visual resume, I have included the photos of work I personally have made as well as links to sites of designers and artists I've worked for. If there is an objection to my using any of the photographs that follow, or if I have not specified artists by name, please go to the contact page and email.


                     One Off Furniture, San Francisco, CA               2012-2013
                Metal Fabricator:
                Responsibilities: Construction of furniture and decorative metalwork by San Francisco designers.
                Tools: Electric power tools, MIG and TIG welders
                Materials: Steel, bronze, brass, stainless steel








Performance Structures, Inc.                               2008-2011
               Finishing Technician

               Responsibilities: Finishing stainless steel plate with hand tools, machines and robots to produce
               an optical mirror polish on the sculptures of Anish Kapoor.
               The following is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle:





Lightspann Illumination Design , Oakland CA     2006-2008
           Lighting Technician

          Responsibilities: Construction and finishing of fine art lighting, production and custom fabrication
Tools: Mechanical and power hand tools, MIG, TIG welders, electric metalworking tools
Materials: Brass, steel, mechanical parts, wiring and lamping parts, metal finishing supplies,
paints, patinas

Custom Designs by Christina Spann


Asian Art Museum, San Francisco                    2006 & 2008

               Temporary Preparator
               Responsibilities: Created earthquake-proof mounts for art exhibits
               Tools: MIG welder, oxy-acetylene and propane torches, electric power tools
Materials: Steel and other metals, acrylic, foam, paints

               Local Group Studio                                              2005-2006
               Local Group is the name of my own studio, in its Fort Bragg incarnation, I finished
the bronze art of Dan Hemann, made molds, taught foundry skills classes and produced
               custom metalwork for clients.

Beautiful reproduction period woodworking by Melvin Simpson
Look closely at the bronze feet, which are detailed below.

    Bronze feet and escutcheons produced at Local Group Studio

Dan Hemann Sculpture                                   2005-2006
               Bronze Sculpture Finishing Technician
               Responsibilities: Assembly and finishing of fine art bronze sculpture
Tools:  TIG welder, pneumatic finishing tools, electric grinders, etc.

Dan Hemann's exquisite surfaces play with light

Please visit Dan's website to see more bronze


Morrisonn Studios, Fort Bragg CA
                Metal Fabricator                                              2001-2003
               Responsibilities:  Fabrication of architectural features and lighting
Included interpreting CAD layouts, metal fabrication, manual machining, soldering, patina
Tools:  Mill, Lathes, TIG welder, pneumatic finishing tools, electric power tools
Materials: Brass, aluminum, resins, patina solutions, wood, mold making materials

Reification, San Francisco, CA                             2000
              Architectural Metal Fabricator
              Responsibilities:  Fabrication of frames and other decorative architectural features, restoration 
Included layout, welding, finishing, and patination
Tools: TIG, MIG welders, electric metal finishing equipment
Materials: Brass, steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, wood, acrylic, patina solutions


              Artworks Foundry, Berkeley CA                           1997-2000
              Metal Fabricator, Finisher, Patineur
              Responsibilities: Finished bronze castings, miniature to half-life size 
Also included mold making, waxwork, patina and furnace charging
Tools: Pneumatic metalworking tools, TIG welder, hydraulic jack and crane,
plasma cutter, arc welder, electric grinders and metal working tools
Materials: Bronze, mold making materials, wax, plaster, patina solutions

These sculptures were for a library, the figure when finished was reading a book

Three small sculptures by the late French artist, Ann Marie Paul

A lamp base and four doorhandles by Judy McKie

The macquette for a life size sculpture by Larry Noble.
I constructed and finished the bronze version of this

Pinochio was a fountain

Sculptor Wheatley Allen's 4' herons



Laney College, Oakland, CA 2012
Machine Technology

               College of the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, CA           2003-2005
Major: General education, mathematics

   Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA                2000-2001
Artist-in-Residence, Teaching Assistant

               Wayne State University, Detroit                          1989-1991
Major: Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design


             National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN
Repair Days Weekend Volunteer                  1991, 1993, 1996

Abaft Jewelers, Fayetteville, AR
Apprenticeship with Raymond Jones, Dixie Rhyne   1991-1992

          The Art Experience, Fayetteville, AR
Studio Assistant to sculptor Hank Kaminski              1995-1997

            Tracy Power, San Francisco, CA
Restoration Assistant                                           1997

Mechanical Japanese hawk was repaired in 2000