Copyright 2008-2014. Artwork by Courtney Brown.

New Sculpture

octopus sculpture

Self Organization

The following images chronicle the birth of the work, Self Organization, started in 2003.  The wax tentacles are all one of a kind original sculptures, for which no mold exists.  The center of the sculpture is a 1938, 14" carriage, Underwood typewriter.  Self Organization refers to both self-replicating robot technology and the struggle to attain self hood. In an age
where we are looking ahead to the Singularity, our minds are opened to ideas about what it means to have Self, how it is achieved and how it creates itself. Within each of us is a struggle to attain self organization, self actualization, self realization.








Second in the series using antique typewriters together with metal sculpture, Corona uses a 1921 Corona 3 portable typewriter to express inspiration or exuberance. The articulated steel wings are a tribute to the artisans who created Japanese jizai okimono, which are naturalistic sculptures made of steel parts expertly crafted. Please do an image search to see insects, birds, snakes, crustaceans and dragons that are truly amazing. This sculpture references a mechanical hawk I helped to restore and was inspired by.  


Self Portrait Grasping





Detroit City


Dog of War, Drone